O&L Leisure Today - September 2018

Posted on Mon September 24, 2018.

Chobe Water Villas is located in the far north eastern corner of Namibia’s on the banks of the Chobe River. The area around the lodge is prone to yearly flooding and hence infrastructure like roads and power lines to the lodge are non-existent. To provide our esteemed guests with a luxury experience deep in the bush, an uninterrupted electricity supply to operate Chobe Water Villas is a definite requirement. This has been supplied since opening in 2016 by means of a small solar plant and a diesel generator. The solar plant was not efficient enough and required the generator to run almost 24 hours per day and running up a huge fuel bill at the end of every month.

With the O&L value “Naturally today for tomorrow” in mind and also our vision to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% in 2019 - we had to critically re-assess the situation we found ourselves in. O&L Leisure’s value is to host all our guests in a true Namibian style with warmth and sincerity, whilst offering a genuine sense-of-place experience. This can only be achieved if one has the right tools – and stable electricity supply is a basic must-have. Something clearly had to be done and hence it was decided to partner up with O&L Energy to invest in a state of the art solar farm and storage system which would help us in our endeavor to achieve all these goals.

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